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"In the beginning"...
Now available online only, the 1984, 5-song EP release, remastered for your listening pleasure from the Ariel vault!

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01 - Ariel - Sorrows to SevenAriel
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Formed by Steve Sawatsky 1983 in Victoria, B.C., Ariel had its genesis as a band of musicians relaying the gospel message through quality music.  

Their first live show performance was held in August of 1983 in Victoria, to an enthusiastic audience, yielding the beginning of a solid fan base on both Vancouver Island and the lower mainland of B.C. 

Over the next 3 years, along with some lineup changes, Ariel forged ahead in compositional creativity playing across North America.

Ariel had recorded various demos with the culmination of it's first official self-titled release in 1986 with Ariel Records. The band roster at that time consisted of: Steve Sawatsky, Lisa Sawatsky, Ron Willes, and Bruce Davies


Ariel continued to tour, supporting the debut release with radio airplay throughout Canada, the American college network and several European countries, eventually reaching as far as South Africa.

Toward the end of 1989, due to time restraints, Ariel disbanded.

After a hiatus of more than 30 years the original vision has been kept alive and is now being revitalized by 3 members of the original band lineup.

May you enjoy the energy, sonic pleasure, and uplifting power of Ariel's next chapter.

New Album
Sorrows to Seven

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